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mopey-d1cks Hey I'm Ada but u can call me my-reb3llion but please do not call me bab3. I like to re-blog things that I find interesting including lady gaga Gwen Stefani No Doubt p!nk Marilyn Manson EmiNEM Bruno Mars Evanescence DISTURBED ROBYN M.I.A. Pretty Reckless and Lana Del Rey sometimes Nicki and Katy I blog what ever i want and anything creative and meaningful feel free to follow :) my blog dedicated to mother monster here http://gaga-is-randomtastic.tumblr.com/ and oh yeah check this out http://themes.themaxdavis.com/spotlight/referrer/mopey-d1ck

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why are mangoes called mangoes where is the man going 

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Things I am currently craving

- hot kinky sex
- a deep massage
- bubble bath with extra bubbles
- milkshake
- cozy jammies
- warm, loving cuddles
- kisses all over my face

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“Some people aren’t antisocial, they’re just very selective when it comes to who they associate with.”

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“Don’t live the same year 75 times and call it a life.”

Robin Sharma (via anxiouswifey)

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For every Reblog 1$ will be donated to my autistic brothers fundraiser :)



99% of people won’t reblog this because they think it’ll make their blog look as shitty as their heart.

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